Ampacet Introduces Special Effects Gemstones Collection

Ampacet, a global masterbatch leader, has introduced the Gemstones collection, a jewel-toned palette providing a broadened colourspace with a luxurious, reflective look.

Commenting on the collection, Linda Carroll, Ampacet Director of Global Insight and Innovation, said:

Mirroring healing properties of stones for the mind and body, our Gemstones collection provides visual energy.

Gemstones reflects the sparkle of jewels infusing elegance into packaging with an economical touch of glitz and glamour.”

The Gemstones collection produces consistent colour and a high-quality finish for PE, HDPE and PP blow moulded and injection moulded products, for all packaging applications and moulded consumer goods.

Gemstones colours currently available include the golden presence of Citrine, the soothing aquatic value of Coral, the royalty of Ruby, the brilliance of Sphene and the radiance of Sapphire and Moonstone. All of the colours provide the shine and upscale look of metal without the added cost or secondary processing required with typical metal finishes.

For more information on Ampacet’s Gemstone collection, visit or use the contact details below to get in touch.

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