Arburg Shares Company Insights in New Film

Arburg has released a new film, ‘Arburg Insights‘, where Managing Directors Gerhard Böhm and Guido Frohnhaus offer insights into current developments and initiatives at the company, touching upon digitalisation, sustainability, drives and control systems.

Explaining the intention for the new video, Dr. Christoph Schumacher, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, said:

Even in times where travelling is not possible or only possible under difficult conditions, we would like to reach out to our customers worldwide and provide them with first-hand information about what we are working on here in Lossburg.”

arburgXworld: customer portal in global demand

Gerhard Böhm, Managing Director for Sales and Service, made his first stop at the Digitalisation Infopoint, where he explained the company’s strategy and stressed the success of the customer portal. In a recent PlastikMedia article, Arburg revealed that its digital activities are proving to be very successful after the 2,000 customer mark for arburgXworld was recently reached – and the number continues to rise. An average of three users per company have been registered, with a total of over 6,000 users already active in the customer portal.

As further proof of the importance of the Arburg portal on the market, he cited the feedback from a webinar where 80% of the participants said that the tools would make their everyday work much easier. The Managing Director highlighted a few apps as examples of this including the “Shop” with its attractive spare part offers, “Calendar”, and “AnalyticsCenter”, which can be used to document processes and trace them even retrospectively.

arburgGREENworld: application examples for circular economy

From arburgXworld to arburgGREENworld, arburgGREENworld brings together everything regarding sustainability and CO2 reduction. Gerhard Böhm presented the innovative R-Cycle application live in the Customer Centre, where a cup with DM codes was produced. One code is used to get to the product passport, which contains information on the material and manufacturing process and, among other things, enables separation in sorting plants. As another example for this, he presented the marking of products using a “CurveCode”, which is transferred from the mould to the injection moulded part.

Sustainable in-house production: planetary roller screw drive

Guido Frohnhaus, Managing Director of Technology & Engineering, explained that sustainability is of great importance to Arburg and plays a particularly central role in its own products and in-house production:

This is where we can show what we are capable of as inventors, engineers, and an innovative company.”

As an example of this sustainability, he cited the planetary roller screw drive, which Arburg developed for its injection moulding machines and manufactures at its headquarters.

He added:

For this component, conservation of resources starts with its creation in Lossburg and continues through to the production at the customers, where it ensures stable injection moulding processes and offers a long service life.” In view of its high quality, Arburg has extended the guarantee for these planetary roller screw drives to five years.

From a single source: control system and drive technology

The next topic discussed was control systems as an important interface between humans and machines. Guido Frohnhaus said:

All the innovative developments in machines are useless if you can’t operate them easily and safely.”

This is exactly where the trend-setting Gestica control system comes in, efficiently supporting the operator in handling even in the most complex processes. On the topic of drive technology, the Managing Director of Technology & Engineering explained the advantages that result from integrating the drive specialist AMKmotion in the Arburg family:

In this way, we are able to have full control and influence over the powertrain and we become a one-stop-shop in terms of development work.”

Two perspectives on one world

After extensive input on the issues of digitalisation and sustainability relating to arburgXworld and arburgGREENworld, Guido Marshall finally wanted to know how the two belong together. Dr. Christoph Schumacher sums it up succinctly:

In our think tank, we view our one world from two perspectives in order to ultimately make it better.”

Broad range of information

In addition to a visit to its headquarters in Lossburg, Arburg offers many more options to keep up-to-date. These include explainer videos, arburgXvision – a monthly live TV show on the internet – and the Technology Days, which will take place from 16 to 19 March 2022.

Watch Arburg Insights below. Alternatively, visit for more information.

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