ARBURG Milestone: 2,000 Machines Delivered Over 25 Years with Flegg Projects

Two of the biggest names in injection moulding machinery and machinery installation are celebrating 25-years of exclusive partnership in the UK and Ireland.

ARBURG Ltd. and machinery installation experts Flegg Projects have marked a partnership that goes back to 1994, in which time the two companies have delivered and installed in excess of 2,000 ARBURG moulding machines and robots to UK and Ireland customers, in almost every size and clamping force combination available.

In 1994, ARBURG Ltd. used Cavewood as its machinery delivery partner. Flegg Projects acquired this division from Cavewood that year and has worked exclusively for ARBURG ever since.

Delivery times to mainland UK customers from arrival in the UK are normally between 24 and 36-hours, deliveries to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland are 48-hours and Ireland within three days, but are often sooner.

Keeping a number of popular machines in stock helps with a fast service, where ARBURG can keep up to 20 stock machines at Flegg’s 40,000 square foot warehouse in Aylesbury.

Mark Marshall, Sales Director at Flegg Projects & Installation Services, believes this gives Arburg a competitive advantage in the IMM market. All ARBURG machines originate in Lossburg near Stuttgart in Germany before coming to this warehouse.

Flegg also provides the installation. “We take the machine to the customer, lift it off the lorry, manoeuvre it into the factory, unpack it and put it on a level,” says Mark. “We prepare it for ARBURG’s engineers, who often arrive the same day or next day, who then commission it.” Machine commissioning will typically include training for the client.

How has the partnership lasted for so long? “There is no contract – we believe we are as good as our last job,” says Mark. “There should be no document that says that ARBURG is obliged to use us. Our delivery times have been very reliable and, over 25-years, we’ve recorded negligible damage bar the occasional knock or bump, but we have always managed to sort it out sensibly.

Managing Director of ARBURG Ltd. Colin Tirel adds: “We are very pleased with the service Flegg provides, I really have no complaints. They install the equipment in situ for our engineers to commission, rather than depositing a machine outside the building. Our customers are happy with the service, so we are. It’s a testament to Flegg that we’ve worked with them for 25 years.

Flegg Projects also deliver machine tools like lathes and milling machines, stone cutting machines for e.g. marble worktops, routing and edge banding machines, and printing and packaging machines.

Established in the mid-1970s, Flegg Projects recently launched a new division providing medical machinery installations to hospitals, boosting forecast turnover in 2019 to over £4 million. With more medical and general machinery delivery orders, the sales forecast for 2020 is now between £7m and £8m. The Flegg Projects division involves both the relocation of large plant and major plant installations, where employees could be on site for six weeks or more.


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