You’re Hired! Arburg Takes on All Trainees and Students

Following the graduation ceremonies at Arburg on 9 April and 12 April 2021 in Lossburg, the machinery manufacturer has announced that it has taken on all 59 of its former trainees and students of the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) as permanent employees.

As in the previous year, the event was split into four smaller events in line with coronavirus restrictions.

Renate Keinath, who as Managing Partner of Arburg is responsible for Personnel Management, praised the traditionally excellent performance of the graduates and personally presented a total of 30 prizes.

In her speech congratulating everyone on behalf of the management board for successfully graduating, she said:

I am pleased to officially discharge you from your training obligations today and welcome you to our company as fully-fledged employees.

Day after day, and especially now in this coronavirus pandemic, you are proving that you can also cope well with difficult times. This crisis has shown once again how well we pull together in our company.”

In addition, the topic of digitalisation has gained enormous momentum – including in training. The mix of face-to-face and digital learning methods has given everyone a high level of IT competence, from which they can benefit in their future careers.

Arburg offers training with vision

Renate Keinath also emphasised that Arburg would maintain its course and invest in excellent training with a vision.

She said:

We have already signed 73 contracts for the start of the training year in September 2021 and currently still have two places available in the areas of construction mechanics and IT specialists.”

Michael Vieth, who heads the 16-member training team, looked back in his speech to the fact that the 2017 cohort was the first in many ways:

You were the first to move into the new Training Center, to do a two-day team-building event away from home and to take your exam under coronavirus conditions.”

The fact that the trainees and students were highly motivated and committed to their work was also shown by the many good qualifications and results this year: 27 apprentices were awarded a prize for their grades. In addition, three special awards were given for additional qualifications in the areas of business management and Arburg Plastic Freeforming.

Next trainee event: Info Days in Lossburg

Arburg is always on the lookout for new qualified personnel and potential trainees and DHBW students. Preparations for the Arburg Info Days on 2 and 3 July 2021 are already in full swing. At this informative event, as things stand today and following developments in the pandemic, students will be able to receive in-depth advice on Arburg’s 15 skilled occupations and DHBW degree programmes and visit the Training Center. Online registration is mandatory.

Information will be available on Arburg’s training website from mid-June.

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