BMB to Produce Bio-based Food Containers at Fakuma 2021

BMB will participate in the Fakuma 2021 fair, scheduled in Friedrichshafen, Germany, from 12 to 16 October. BMB will present an eKW 16Pi / 700 full electric injection moulding machine that will produce an innovative food container obtained with bio-based raw material.

The machine in question stands out for its high performance and low energy consumption, resulting in a specific solution for the production of thin-walled containers using IML technology.

BMB Food Container
‘The food container of the future’

The moulding of this product is the result of the union of the forces of BMB, Brink, Viappiani Printing and Dijkstra Plastics, a synergy put in place to take new steps towards more sustainable packaging. The bio-based material used is developed and supplied by Total Energies and, based on the mass balance approach, this type of product can carry the ISCC + (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) title.

Thanks to the use of this material, the use of fossil fuels is avoided and greenhouse gas emissions are considerably reduced. Limiting the carbon footprint in the packaging industry is a huge challenge. Plastics are used all over the world in countless fields and their durability is their strong point, but also the main reason why they are now being indicted. This is why the optimisation of processes in the plastic packaging industry, in addition to being a shared goal for the four partner companies of this collaboration, is a common goal for the benefit of the entire planet.

BMB is proud to have been part of this important project, for which it has fielded the high performance of the ekW 16Pi / 700 full electric press, which, thanks to the direct electric drives on the opening, closing, injection and plasticising phases, can guarantee the control of overlapping movements with great precision, accuracy and consequent repeatability.

The reduced energy consumption of BMB’s exclusive direct electric drives, combined with the use of bio-based material suitable for food packaging, make this application an exceptional example of eco-sustainability.

The objective of the application is to improve the performance of the entire work cell, aiming for a constant production exceeding 2250 pieces per hour, while at the same time limiting production costs thanks to the electric drives on each movement of the machine and of the automation system. Furthermore, by incorporating a vision system, each piece produced is checked for quality and rejected in case of non-compliance.

Click here to learn more about Fakuma 2021, and don’t forget to visit BMB on Stand 4105, located in Hall 4.

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