BMB in 2020: Great Recovery and Greater Tonnage

2020 will certainly be a memorable year, as BMB completed the inauguration of its new production facility, and completed the production of its largest-ever machine, at 4500 tonnes clamp force, whilst continuing to support its customers throughout the pandemic.

Who could possibly foresee the extreme challenges we would all have to face this year, in particular during March and April. BMB, like many other businesses, was forced to close its production plants as a precautionary measure, but fortunately only for a few weeks.

Area Sales Manager, Michael Craig, comments: “During this very testing period and due in no small part to our dedicated personnel, we were able to continue to support our customers with the supply of urgent spare parts.

“Despite the circumstances, that have never been encountered before in living memory, BMB currently has a very healthy level of positive enquiries and confirmed orders, leading us to look forward to an Indian Summer!”

2020 will go down in BMB’s history as a truly memorable year. A year highlighted by, not only the inauguration of its new production facility at its Brescia headquarters, but also the completion of the largest machine that BMB has ever built, a 4,500 tonnes clamp force machine.

“This is a huge achievement when you consider the backdrop of the limited supply of components from sub-suppliers having to conform to restrictive measures and the over-riding lockdown situation,” added Michael.

Testament indeed to the very core of BMB’s business – the workforce who completed their tasks with total commitment and dedication, whilst working in less than optimum conditions, having to respect additional and stringent measures to ensure a safe working environment.

BMB Machine 2The new plant is now fully operational, fully equipped and incorporating an independent machine painting facility and a machine shop with fully computerised machining centres working on a 24/7 basis. With the generous floor space, the production flow has been maximised, enabling BMB to reduce lead times. An additional ‘goods inwards’ facility has also been incorporated where all outsourced components are scrupulously inspected.

With respect to the new 4,500 tonnes press, it complements the KX series of BMB’s 2 platen machines. The model is KX4500/2 x 68000 with a second machine due to be completed in the near future.

Designed and built with the same meticulous attention to detail both from the design aspect and the accuracy of components used, the very qualities that have defined our highly regarded Hybrid and Full Electric series.

Engineering standards that ideally match all the criteria necessary for the production of thin-wall components where velocity, precision and long-term reliability are guaranteed without compromise.

The end result is yet another BMB ‘high tech’ masterpiece:

  • Euromap Classification : 4500/2 x 68000
  • Clamping Force: 45000 kN
  • Moving Platen Stroke: 4100 mm
  • Distance between tie bars: H2500mm x V2000mm
  • Maximum Distance Between Platens: 5400mm
  • Injection Volume: 39,914 cm3 + 39,914 cm3

For more information, please visit the company website:

BMB Plastics Machinery Limited

+44 (0) 188 958 4483


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