BMB K Show 2019 Preview

BMB preview their range of injection moulding machines on display at K Show in October, with a focus on biodegradable, compostable and recycled materials, paired with low energy consumption machines.

Starting on 16th October 2019, Düsseldorf will be the host of the K Show, the largest plastics exhibition in the world. BMB will again be exhibiting, taking the opportunity to share their new developments, and the latest technology available in the injection moulding machine market.

With the key topics at this year’s K Show being the circular economy, industry 4.0, recycling and sustainability, the offerings from BMB will be detailed, with their applications highlighting how BMB’s technology can help meet these important requirements.

eKW70Pi/2200 – Full Electric – application for the production of coffee pods, totally biodegradable and compostable

A special machine developed for innovative products such as compostable PP with over-injected membrane for UV barriers, oxygen, aroma preservation, etc. – a food touch product and advanced technology application. The machine shown in this case is an eKW70Pi/2200 Full Electric, 700 tonnes clamping force, which includes the integration of a 2nd full electric injection group for the OVH membrane over-injection, directly in the mould;

eKW70Pi 2200 Full Electric

It will certainly be one of the most interesting applications of the exhibition. We have a 64-cavity tool designed and owned by our customer Imper Company, in conjunction with the full electric BMB machine able to produce 42,000 pieces /hour, totally compostable. After its use in the coffee machine, the pod can be thrown into the damp waste bin as it is made of organic residues, since the materials that constitute it and the coffee residues are totally biodegradable and compostable. A fundamental peculiarity of the product is the existence of a membrane, always in compostable material, over-injected and interposed between the inner wall and the outer wall of the pod to preserve the typical aromas of coffee, thus ensuring UV-barrier, oxygen etc. As the BMB eKW70Pi / 2200 full electric machine is capable of measuring and dosing every hundredth of a gram of material, it will be possible to obtain a surface of constant thickness over the entire profile, thus uniformly combining the super-injection of the PP container with the OVH membrane. A special screw for compostable material, designed in-house, will complete this innovative project and make it perhaps the first of its kind and we hope that many others will follow.

eKW1000 / 18500 Hybrid – a large tonnage machine and injection capacity for the production of 1-gallon containers with handle, made of 100% recycled material

Large-volume Hybrid machine with 8139 g of PP injection capacity, capable of supporting a very important production of square-section buckets with a handle assembled by the robot. What we wanted to highlight with this particular application, is the infinite versatility of the plastic material, re-usable in theory ad infinitum. In this case, the container is produced 100% from post-consumer material and consequently very low raw material costs. The goal is to make people understand how it is possible to recycle the product, underline its sustainability and the possibility of further re-use for the same or alternative purposes.

Machines for processing 100% post-consumer material and high productivity; in this case, the exposed machine corresponds to an eKW1000/18500 Hybrid, with 1000 ton clamping force.


eKW45Pi / 2200 Hybrid – a high-performance machine, totally customised for the production of rectangular thin-walled containers, with IML and Mucell technologies

Faster machines, characterised by numerous innovations focused on the improvement of accuracy and injection speed, simultaneously revisited in the control panel operator interface and subsequent redesign paying particular attention to the integration / connection in IoT perspective. The machine shown in this case is a 450 tonnes, eKW45Pi/2200 Hybrid model, completely revised with respect to the injection group, controller and external structure. The machine also has a special screw designed with Trexel, following the Mu-cell technology.

Machine with 450 tonnes clamping force, from the “Pi” Hybrid Series dedicated to “packaging”, a sector that requires, in addition to energy savings that only electric or hybrid machines can offer, even higher performance in terms of speed and accuracy. It is for this reason that the “Pi” series is characterised by movements with Direct Torque motors on the clamping unit, connected directly to the toggle movement, without the use of belts or gear reducers. The new injection unit features a double servo Moog valve and electric plasticising for higher speed and precision.

It will produce a rectangular food container with a four cavities mould and a side entry IML robot on two sides and bottom (3 labels per piece). The cycle time will be equal to 4.5 sec.

eKW45Pi / 2200 Hybrid

eKW16Pi / 700 Full Electric – a high-performance press with low energy consumption for the production of thin-walled food containers, with IML technology

Fully electric machines, dedicated to the production of “thin wall” articles, for very fast cycles and very low energy consumption. The machine exhibited in the stand of our partner Enelkon will be the 160 ton, eKW16Pi /700 Full Electric model, which is entrusted with the onerous task of very high productivity and very low consumption.

Machine with 160 tonnes clamping force, again from the “Pi” Series with full electric drives and dedicated to high productivity “packaging”, as today it is necessary to reduce energy consumption. The work cell is showcased in the stand of our automation partner Enelkon, Hall 12A / 36. It will produce a circular section food container with a four cavity mould and a side entry robot for IML.

eKW16Pi 700 IML

View BMB’s K 2019 profile for more information about the company’s trade show offerings. For information about BMB’s complete machinery range, visit their website.

Visit BMB at K Show 2019, in Hall 13, Stand A33, from 16th – 23rd October in Düsseldorf, Germany.



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