New Oil Management Partnership’s Unvarnished Truth

Clients of oil management service provider OMS LubriTek (formerly Rockson LubriTek) are set to benefit from a major investment in new kit and expertise – thanks to partner company Reynolds Contamination Control.

The two companies began working together last year when Reynolds announced it would be using OMS LubriTek’s pioneering Energy Efficient GPII UltraLife EE Premium range of hydraulic oils in all its servo test hydraulic power units.

In return, OMS LubriTek has now come up with a shopping list of Reynolds-supplied kit including unique cooling circuit offline filtration boards and portable hydraulic oil transfer units, as well as Cloud-connected oil life monitoring systems and upgrades to air breathers and high-pressure filters.

It’s all part of OMS LubriTek’s push to expand its solution portfolio for clients operating in the injection moulding sector – helping them to achieve an effective oil management programme by increasing operational efficiency rates and reducing hydraulic oil-related machine downtime.

OMS LubriTek Director Jamie Shaw said:

The plastics industry is our core focus market sector and one where we are recognised as a market leader through our work in oil management. To maintain that position, however, requires continuous investment and we are fortunate in being able to call on the services of our trusted partners at Reynolds Contamination Control in our efforts to stay ahead of the game.”

OMS LubriTek’s latest investment includes a Reynolds-supplied ARGO HYTOS Oilab, which will be used to offer its customers within the plastic injection industry instant ISO 4406:2017 cleanliness readings and useful Oillife using the inbuilt LubCos +H20 oil life sensor.

It’s part of a package of measures put together by OMS LubriTek to resolve issues for one of its biggest customers, supplying pre-forms into the plastic packaging industry, involving the contamination of hydraulic oil by soluble varnish.

We’ve been working very closely with Wayne Hubball at Reynolds to solve these problems,said Jamie, “and over the last few weeks, we’ve jointly designed new offline cooling filtration boards, which we will install on our customer’s injection moulding machines by tapping into the cooling system, which will allow us to harness the power of flow through the filtration board from existing equipment on the machine.”

Reynolds Technical Director Wayne Hubball added:

Not only will we use the Hy-Pro Filtration VTM filter elements to reduce the MPC varnish rating in the system, but this technology will also improve the ISO 4406:2017 cleanliness level and reduce the dirt loading on their more expensive high-collapse pressure filter elements.

“This will, in turn, also offer better protection to the servo and proportional valves.”

The new boards have been designed with the end-user in mind and include:

  • Hy-Pro Filter housing with DFE Beta 4000 media 3micron – with options to fit VTM varnish removal media.
  • Test point pre and post filter for sampling.
  • 1 1/2″BSP full bore three-way L ported ball valve for emptying the reservoir – valve comes plugged and with a padlock and keys.
  • Integral drip tray with framework – all connections are contained within the drip tray.
  • Handed as standard – but with the option of fitting another filter and ball valve assembly to the back of the existing board so additional machines can be added.
  • Blanked option in pipework for Oillife sensor.

Jamie said:

As far as our client is concerned, it’s a win-win situation.

Improving the cleanliness levels of their lubricants and also extending pressure filter element life.

This is a very important customer for us and underlines the value of having a partner like Reynolds Contamination Control who can supply both the right kit and a level of expertise that’s simply unrivalled in this business.”

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