RJG to Showcase the Latest Process Monitoring Solution at Interplas 2017

RJG will exhibit the CoPilot at Interplas 2017, an injection moulding processing software that functions as a notification system, a communication tool and a coach.

The purpose of the CoPilot is to provide a simple and practical program that is so easy to use that technicians of all experience levels can consistently keep a process on template.

The CoPilot observes actual machine settings and offers instructions to bring a process back into set parameters. Real-time notifications tell the moulder when a process is out of match, allowing them to address the problem sooner and limit the number of bad parts produced. The CoPilot is able to walk processors through a step-by-step order that is driven by Scientific Moulding principles by prioritising the most important out-of-specification variables.

The CoPilot also records change log data, which shows what process was changed, when it changed and the person that fixed the issue. This provides management with a better picture of what is happening on the shop floor and documentation that a process has remained within limits. If a process does go out of limits, any non-conforming parts are contained, eliminating the need to sort through them by hand.

In addition, the CoPilot performs automatic process audits. Many moulders have some form of manual process check that goes on—this usually involves one or more employees doing a manual comparison to ensure that the set points on each press match what is on the setup sheet. The CoPilot has the ability to monitor and perform this check in real time, 24/7. RJG believes that this will dramatically reduce or eliminate the time spent on manual checks.

Features of the CoPilot include:

–  Real-time notifications when a process has changed
–  Automatic process audits
–  Step-by-step walkthroughs to return a process to match

“By developing the CoPilot system, we hope to bridge the ever-growing skills gap, reduce waste and improve overall part quality,” said Bob Reese, a Senior Consultant at RJG. “We have combined our expertise with that of other industry leaders to build a highly intelligent software that understands how process variables are linked to one another.”

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