Wittmann Presents the S-Max 3 Screenless Granulator With Feeding Shaft

The Wittmann S-Max 3 screenless granulator with an optional feeding shaft offers many advantages. The feeding shaft helps to avoid bridging, especially in the case of grinding long runners and flat parts.

Compared to conventional blade granulators, screenless granulators provide a number of benefits such as energy efficiency, less noise, clean and uniform regrind from hard, brittle plastics such as ABS, PC, ABS+PC, PA, and reinforced plastics.

The granulator motors have a high torque, the units run smoothly at a low speed (27upm @ 50Hz) without stalling, and they are suited for cutting thicker sprues and/or parts to a pellet size from 4 to 10mm.

S-Max 3 screenless granulator with the drive for the additional feeding shaft, mounted at the side of the hopper.


Advantages of feeding shafts

An additional feeding shaft – as offered as an option for the Wittmann S-Max 3 granulator – keeps large runners/parts in motion, and pre-breaks them, thus helping to avoid bridging or nesting of parts. The shaft also helps to avoid downtime eventually caused by material backing-up or material overflow and keeps the production process running smoothly.

The opened material hopper of the S-Max 3 allows you to take a look at the additional shaft from below.

The optional Wittmann feeding shaft is independently driven and has elongated hooks to pre-cut the parts/runners and push them into the cutting chamber for a regular grinding after the shaft has reduced the dimensions of the parts – and this may allow the use of an altogether smaller type of granulator, possibly saving capital expenditure.

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