VELOX Introduces New Brand PrimeTec® and High Performance Solutions

VELOX, a leading pan-European distributor of raw material specialities for the plastics industry, will be presenting a wide range of innovative products and solutions at booth no. H36 in hall 4 at Interplas 2017.

In addition to partner products, VELOX will also be introducing PrimeTec®, the company’s own brand for highly specialised solutions.

“We are looking forward to meeting our customers and partners from the UK and Ireland and to present our new and proven solutions for the plastics industry”, says Andrew Partridge, Country Manager United Kingdom at VELOX.

PENTALLOY BP: The best of two worlds

One of the specialities presented by VELOX will be the solution range PENTALLOY by PENTAC Polymer GmbH, an alloy of polyamide 6 and Polypropylene that combines the good properties of the individual components in the best way. “The benefits for our customers, especially for applications in the automotive and transport industries, are the chemical resistance of the material to salt solutions and polar solvents such as ethanol and glycols, low water absorption, high impact strength as well as a weight reduction of up to 10 %”, says Partridge. The cost- and ecologically conscious use of materials corresponds to the global trend of sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions.

CleanPlus® and ASACLEAN PF – New and innovative purging compounds

VELOX will also be presenting the highly efficient purge compound families CleanPlus® and Asaclean™. CleanPlus® provides for easy and cost-effective purging of extrusion lines and injection moulding machines. It does not only help to carry out quicker colour and material change as well as flush out old deposits, in addition, CleanPlus® is also very well suited for machinery shutdowns (sealing) and thus protects the screw from corrosion. This enables a trouble-free production start-up with significantly less waste (

A special focus will also be on ASACLEAN PF, the new high-temperature grade without glass fibres from Asahi Kasei Corporation, which is especially suitable for purging high-performance plastics such as PPS, PEI, PEEK, PSU and others. Asaclean PF has excellent thermal stability and can be used for temperatures between 280°C to 420°C.

Full range of flame retardants

In the additives segment, VELOX will present the full range of solutions for the compounding, recycling and masterbatch industries. Of particular note are FRX Polymers’ halogen-free range Nofia®, which is suitable for thermosets and thermoplastics, and VELOX’ own product family of seven brominated and halogen-free FR masterbatches branded VEMAB® FR. The VEMAB® masterbatches were launched in June 2017 in order to meet customer’s requirements in the very demanding flame retardant market.

PrimeTec®: Tailor-made solutions by VELOX

In addition to the distribution of the partner products, VELOX has continued to expand its business activities and now offers highly specialised and application-specific solutions for the plastics industry. Under the brand name PrimeTec® the company provides individual new developments as well as modifications for a wide range of products. At Interplas, VELOX’ experts will answer all questions concerning PrimeTec®.

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