Web Forensics For The Plastics Industry

“We’ve built our website, now I can tick that box!” – Does this sound familiar?

Did you know that over 70% of managers have no idea what return they are getting from their website? Yet they continue to pay hundreds to a website company each year, even though they’re probably doing very little for that money.

If Your Website Is Not Generating Leads For Your Business, It Isn’t Doing Its Job

Even if you have great SEO and appear well in Google searches, what about the companies that find you, have a browse around your site, then think I’ll come back later. Do they come back, or do they find another company that offers the same service and opt for them instead?

What if a buyer settles on their regular supplier, but decides to browse the internet to see what other products are out there? Your salesperson can then get their details from web forensics, call up and convince this company they should be talking to you, turning the sale around.

These are just two areas where PlastikMedia’s web forensics platform can help you generate more sales.

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What Does Our Web Forensics Platform Provide?

Company Identification And Actions

See details of companies that visit your website, including what they looked at page-by-page, and what brought them to your website. You can then use our platform to create a refined view of the identifiable companies that you can share with those that can act on that information.

Gaining More Sales Of Products Or Services

Choose a product or service that you want to sell more. You can then use the web forensics platform to show the true picture of how each visitor is engaging (or not) with each of your product or service pages.

Linking Enquiries Back To Their Sources

A smart business is a business that uses the web forensics platform to link enquiries gained back to their sources. By seeing what led to each enquiry, you gain a greater understanding of what’s working and what’s not working when deciding your sales and marketing strategies.

Roi From Marketing Activity

Google AdWords, email marketing, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, blogs, online directories, advertising, sales calls, and more. This platform shows you how to measure which marketing channels give you the best return on investment.

Landing Page Conversions

People land on specific website pages.  They may come from organic search engine results, paid advertising, or other sources. Focus on the most important landing pages to nurture the customer through the buying cycle, and track how each person navigates page-by-page through your website.

With PlastikMedia’s web forensics platform, you get a free 30-day trial which includes training on getting the most from this tool. If you’re happy, you then pay a monthly subscription with no minimum contract.

Even better – you will pay no more than £15 per week. It may even be lower, depending on the volume of your website traffic.

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